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IoT Application Development Services

Network Augmentation & Convenient Work structure !!!

Our IoT applications compass system integration, sensor, gateway, and cloud solutions using technologies like KAA Iot,, ZETTA, GE PREDIX, DeviceHive, Raspberry PI, Ardino, etc. This empowers your business to have more joyful clients and to use the accurate insights, enabled via analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. Maybe even more so.”

IoT Solutions – The Wave of Future!

IoT has evolved itself withunique applications and softwares in every facet of personal and professional life. It not only offers convenience in work structure but also adds efficiency to the process. Fusing technology with everyday used products and services will open the necessary doors of success without knocking twice. These softwares have added an extra layer of security and convenience in everyone’s lives.

“With the IoT, we’re headed to a world where things aren’t liable to break catastrophically – or at least, we’ll have a hell of a heads’ up. We’re headed to a world where our doors unlock when they sense us nearby.”

IoT Solutions – Redefining Technology!

DigiScape Tech Solutions is a leading IoT Industrial Application Development company providing front line IoTapplication solutions which are smart, efficient, productive and convenient. We provide solutions thatefficiently connect technology with products or services.

  • Alexa-Based Applications
  • Integrated Multiple Internet of Things (IoT) Assets With Different Functionalities
  • Real-Time User-Information Flow
  • Specialized Product Tracking
  • Active Grid management

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Our Internet of Things App Development Solutions and Services

Internet of things app development is the second name of creativity and imagination at its best where your dreams are converted into reality. Here at DigiScape we offer front line IoTsolutions which are smart, efficient, productive and convenient. The solutions will offer the network and connect your product or services are looking for in the most appropriate manner. You can easily broaden your reach with our internet of things industrial applications.

User-Based Services

Your Guide in the journey!!!

DigiScape provides User-Centric IoT Services using technologies like KAA IoT, ZETTA,Ardino,etc., intelligent asset monitoring solutionsand real-time progression of user data so that business organizations can offer novel and intriguing services based on neoteric business revenue models.

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Asset Monitored Solutions

Product-Based Service

Stay Connected with one touch!!!

We develop IoT solutions for products using technological innovations like, GE PREDIX, Raspberry PI,etc. and giving access to accurate, ambient and real-time data, relating to the product’s potential to help them function more than their essential capacities.

  • Strong Debugging & Troubleshooting
  • Third-Party Integration

Infrastructure-Based Services

Strategize & Build!!!

We comprehend your strategic needs and conceptualize the outline merging with industry insights, technological innovations and business pain-points. We transform business requirements into focused differentiators by using technologies like GE PREDIX, Raspberry PI, Ardino,etc. and delivering innovative IoT fueled solutions.

  • Strategized Algorithms
  • Cloud Hosting

Operations-Based Services

Accomplish Your Goal!!!

We empower business ventures to smoothen their business/industrial operational flow, decrease wastage and make their operations lean. Using the latest technological advancements likeKAA IoT,, ZETTA,etc. we create softwares which help in active grid management, inwards &outwards logistics, automated publishing etc.

  • Enhanced Data Sensing
  • Heterogeneity

IoT Testing

Tried & Tested!!!

DigiScape is the prominent IoT Application Development company. Here all the applications developed by our team are tried and tested by the experts and the best team of beta testers. Before providing we make sure that the application is compatible, efficient, bug free and operate as required.

IoT Support & Maintenance

Assistance when you need!!!

Our work is not over with development of the application. We offer support even after we have delivered the project. Our team is well acquainted in providing the Post- project services as required by the client. Just state your worries and our team will be there to guide along the way.

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