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DigiScape offers an elaborate range of services around AI & ML like Deep Learning Development, Natural Language Processing, etc. We develop highly scalable and cost-effective digital products and solutions using advanced technologies like TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, Accord.Net, Apache Mahout, etc. for business organizations in boosting their process efficiencies and accuracies. We assist business organizations to curate custom artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions based on proprietary or open source algorithms/frameworks that process data and runs sophisticated algorithms on cloud, thus ensuring quicker decision making, enhanced productivity, automation of business processes, and expeditious process peculiarity detection for the business organization.

How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions Could Enhance Your Business Potential?

The measure of information that is produced today, far outpaces people’s capacity to assimilate, decipher, comprehend and produce complex decisions dependent on that information. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning frames the reason for most computer learning and is eventually the future of business decision making. AI & ML are assisting people and business organizations to accomplish core objectives, acquire worthy analytics & insights, drive complex decisions, and develop novel & innovative services and platforms. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning solutions are utilized in day-to-day situations including purchase predictions, customer chatbots, fraud detection etc.

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We work as consultants and assist customers develop lucrative solutions based on artificial intelligence that are focused on evangelizing cognitive technologies. Our machine learning services are streamlined towards analyzing huge data and unlatching its true potential, improving process efficiencies and eliminating risks.

  • Fraud Detection
  • Human-Activity Recognition
  • Conversational Interfaces
  • Credit Scoring & Customer Segmentation
  • Software Failure Sensor

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Our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

Our team of specialized and experienced developers, with extensive experiences in skill sets like NLP, BI, Analytics DL, ML, RPA, Cognitive Computing etc. provide AI/ML App Development services. Digiscape also offers varied features which are wrapped under the name of AI and ML development services.

Artificial Intelligence App Development

Our user-defined AI solutions and services have been utilized by certain business ventures in automating their incompetent routine operations that require massive human exertion. We help in improving their business net results by efficiently displacing human resources and using technologies like TensorFlow, Torch, Theano, etc. While merging the most advanced technological innovations with our AI expertise, we empower your digital workforce and efficiency.

  • Efficient & Automated Processes For Model Development
  • Interesting Prototype Product Concepts And Iterative Analytics
  • Robust Security And Data Protection Measures

Machine Learning App Development

We develop algorithms utilizing scientific and measurable strategies that scrutinize a plethora of crude information to uncover important correlations and patterns, and bolsters decision-making of most business ventures. Our highly efficient programmers and developers make compelling bots that perform routine principles-based operations through the UI, mirroring human interaction with software applications and allowing you to concentrate on high-level operations. Our core stack of technologies includes Accord.Net, Keras, Apache Mahout, Scikit-learn and many more.

  • Automated And Optimized Key Processes
  • Real-Time Model Experiments
  • Enhanced Model Validation & Implementation

Deep Learning App Development

We at DigiScape dive into complex information to uncover numerous opportunities and deliver precise perfection with constant deep learning algorithms. We utilize open-source tools and help you develop data science which is easy to maintain as well as support. Our deep learning solution development procedure initiates from the learning of semi-structured and unstructured representation of data to develop a solution from algorithm to solve complex business issues.

  • Metrics Driven Development
  • Visioned Algorithm Development& Consistently Monitored Softwares
  • High-Performance Engineered Systems

Natural Language ProcessingApp Development

DigiScape specializes in the development of chat-bots, monitoring assistants, query answer boxes, analytics, compliance monitoring, recruiting, threat detection, document understanding and much more. Our tools and methodologies help process, analyze and comprehend unstructured “big data” so as to work efficiently and proactively.

  • Enhanced Entity Extraction & Topic Modeling
  • In-Depth Document Understanding
  • Responsive Chat-bots & Query Answer Boxes

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