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Ruby on Rails, generally known as RoR, is an open source architecture provided in the platform Ruby, which is an OOP (object-oriented programming) language. The object-oriented programming is similar to that of Python or Perl. The main difference determined between RoR with other frameworks is the speed and the user-friendly experience it gives to the participants.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails being one of the leading object oriented programming language provides its user with feature-rich applications and promotes bug free development. The technology contains ready-made plugins and modules that help in eliminating time spent on writing boilerplate code.

How do RoR developers work?

Our Ruby on Rails developers create back-end components by connecting the applications with third party website services and provide support to the front-user developers by implementing their work in the applications:

  • Experience in handling user-friendly elements developed by the front-end developers.
  • Identifying loopholes or bugs, and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Advanced knowledge about coding or code structures.
  • Adequate knowledge about syntaxes of Ruby and its drawbacks

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Benefits and features

As the market of technology is expanding day by day, the demands for ruby on rails is also gradually increasing. DigiScape as a Ruby on Rails web development company, ruby on rails mobile app development company or RoR application development company focuses more on utilizing the benefits provided in Ruby. Some of them are listed below:

Ruby on Rails UI/UX Design:

We provide top quality responsive website that adjusts to any screen size of any device. We develop websites that are fluid and visually appealing.

RoR Support & Maintenance:

We provide 24X7 support and maintenance services that would provide users a trouble-free experience.

Custom Web & Application Development:

We develop high-quality web applications customed to the requirements of the client. Our proficient developers suggest innovative technological solutions that fit in with the business goals of the organization.

RoR Application Development:

We build scalable and interactive custom mobile apps that are accessible on most operating systems and devices.

 Bug-free services :

RoR encourages TDD and BDD i.e. Test-driven Development and Behaviour-driven development, which helps the application to test its own sustainability and avoid consuming bugs.


It has in-built features which can attract and manage the traffic if a lot of users start downloading the application, proving its scalability.


There are some effective security features in-built into the framework at the time of its introduction to safe-keep the confidential information of clients. It follows complex security assurance procedures that help in operating the applications in a secure way.

 Ruby is always supported:

There are plenty of books or blogs in the market which explain the concept of RoR. Companies also organizes several meetups or conferences where professionals share their experience and expertise.

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