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UniTouch- An enhanced Digital Publishing Platform & Content Solution

Times are changing in terms of technology, customer expectations and business working culture. Publishing houses are printing content since a long time in varied formats and forms. From magazines to journals to books, they have printed them all while meeting the market demands with ease. However, now customers are shifting towards new modes of content reading.

This shift in the reading habits of customers require a more viable content solution platform. The platform which should cover digital modes of reading along with the traditional ones. UniPage is the revolutionized Digital Publishing Platform and content solution which can meet this shift of reading habits of the customers without any hassle. The platform will not only trim down the operational cost but will also reduce the Turn Around Time.

The platform is developed in such a way that it offers flexibility which is needed for the uniform integration with the currently present architecture. This flexibility in the platform framework allows the organizations to apply any all the combination of UniTouch Modules. UniTouch is the umbrella term including a collection content solution modules. The solutions cover the entire production phase at publishing houses. Meaning UniTouch has the solution for each and every stage of the production process in the publishing company. Our deep insight and experience of the Publishing industry have guided us to create these set of digital publishing and content solutions.


  • Digital publishing of the content for varied reading modes – Pc’s, E-Readers, etc.
  • Reduction in operational costs and Turn Around Time
  • Easy to integrate in existing architecture
  • Automating the process
  • End-to-End Workflow can be configured with ease
  • Offers multiple collaboration for content reviewing and editing means when needed
  • Flexible framework design
  • Elimination of traditional manual editing and proofing process
  • Revenue enhancement with better and new opportunities
  • Connects Authors, Publishers and other concerned parties at one place
  • Configurable and Customized Dashboards catering all your requirements
  • A secured Monitoring, Reporting and Notification system
  • Role based access to all the concerned users
  • Reduction in human effort with enhancement in efficiency and productivity
  • Cloud support to offer privacy and security
  • Online server architecture offering server based upgrades

Modules Included


UniProof is a revolutionary web-based collaborative online proofing system providing assistance to all the concerned parties including Publishers as well as authors. It offers collaborative editing for multiple reviewers at the same time. It also offers easy integration with current frameworks along with cloud deployment support. UniProof has a robust as well as secured tracking and reporting system to ease the whole process.

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UniPage is an innovative automated typesetting system which will transform the way publishing houses work on formatting of the content. This module has removed almost all the manual work and changed it into an automated system. It will not only reduce the human effort by ten times but will also offer unquestioned efficiency in the work process. The software can be integrated easily with the Industry Standard Layout Print Engines.

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UniArt is an ingenious automated graphic processing software. It eliminates the tiresome task of differentiating graphics based on their file format, formatting the graphics, etc. manually. Rather with the help of machine learning algorithms, AI tools and a little bit tweaks of Adobe photoshop, UniArt automatically processes the graphics and place them as per the need of the document.

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