Intelligent Peer Review Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Language.

Manuscript Submission & Peer Review Tool Specific to Publishers Needs

A manuscript submission & peer review platform powered by Machine Learning and Natural Learning Processing helps authors and publishers to assess the quality of the manuscript before it is published.

The system helps independent researchers and authors to assess the submitted manuscripts for originality, validity & significance and thus, help the editors and reviewers in deciding whether the manuscript should be published through its review process.


Technology-driven assistance to facilitate the automated paper submission and peer review process.

Smart Score card for Authors and Paper Visualization for Reviewers

Automatic reviewer selection for editor’s facilitation

Using Public databases to match research objectives and find right reviewers

NLP to understand the paper syntactically and semantically

Single, Double, Triple, and open blinding options at journal levels

Reduced time for reviewers due to intelligent & intuitive paper visualization

Technology-driven assistance to facilitate peer review process