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UniProof is a revolutionary web based collaborative online proofing system providing assistance to all the concerned parties including Publishers as well as authors. It offers collaborative editing for multiple reviewers at the same time. It also offer easy integration with current frameworks along with cloud deployment support. UniProof has a robust as well as secured tracking and reporting system to ease the whole process.


API and Cloud Integration

ReactJS is one of the most popular JavaScript library, used for building user-interface for both dynamic web apps and mobile applications. With a knowledgeable team of React.js developers,

Custom Dashboards

Plugins basically are kinds of widgets which provide an additional features to the existing web format. With the help of our JS team, we deliver tailored JavaScript Plugin services

Be up-to-date

Regarded as one of the favourite JavaScript Library, JQueryis one of the fastest JS library helping achieve simplified event handling, animation solutions and much more.

Key Features

  • With efficient team of JS developers, we are able to build customized JS apps tailored specifically for the client domain
  • Focused on Responsiveness, we help our client reach users on any available device such as laptops, desktops, tabs or smartphones.
  • JS Plugin Development solutions for web projects to provide an upper hand to our clients
  • Our team has years of experience in delivering JavaScript projects for industries like Ecommerce, Education, Publishing, Retail, Healthcare and Finance.
  • Providing maintenance services and re-building of JS applications to add more functionality and features into existing apps.
  • Elevating business growth and attracting more leads by creating a more interactive client’s online presence.

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