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Streamlining Typesetting Workflow

UniPage is the result of applying the decade strong experience in working with top rated publishers by understanding their requirements and solving pain points. Digiscape, part of one of the largest media conglomerates in the country, exposed to the ever changing and challenging requirements of publishers and have access to sufficient insights on the business priorities of its large customer base.

UniPage is a high-quality automated typesetting system redefining the content management with a new benchmark in automation for the publishers. UniPage offers document preparation with a flawless appearance and design.

UniPage will set new highs productivity and reduce the time and operational costs. The main idea behind introducing UniPage is to remove manual processes utilize robotic process automation and thereby bring consistency to the layouts. Unlike the traditional process, UniPage will focus on all critical areas of document layouts like Text Fidelity, Alignments, Column Balancing, etc. The input and output can be easily configured based on the needs and requirement of the client. Advanced quality check features with Robotic Quality Control is a unique product feature which differentiate UniPage from other products.


  • Publication Types supported: Journals, Books, Technical reports, etc.
  • Handles large documentations with sections, tables, cross- references, figures, etc. with ease.
  • Black Box Server Architecture
  • Uses structured Input (XML)
  • Easy configuration of input and output and integration with other workflows
  • Robotic Process Automation and QA
  • PDF Output
  • Choose your favorite print engines from:
    1. InDesig
    2. 3B2
    3. LaTeX


UniPage allows the publishers to have the typeset output with minimal amount of effort and cost, instantly.

Effortless Integration

UniPage offers effortless integration with every kind of workflow management systems used by publishing houses.

Automated Process

Unlike the traditional XML typesetting systems, UniPage do not require manual interventions. From layout modification to alignment adjustments the software can handle each process with finesse.

Customized Layouts

With UniPage publishers can customize the layout templates of the documents as per their preferred design. Through the customization feature publishers can reduce their work time and effort while getting successful outcomes.

Cutting- edge Technology

The central servers utilize the latest innovative technology to offer an advanced level of solution to the publishers. With the use of AI/ ML tools and algorithms the software offers the edge to the work process in the publishing domain.

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