Assessment Platform

Accelerating Digital Education!

Digitizing your Traditional Education Methodology with our Assessment Platform

Assessment Platform is an adaptable, scalable education assessment software for a world-class learning experience. Our adaptable learning platform empowers your skills and broadens online learning. It enhances the learner’s engagement and helps in optimizing their results. Develop and save institutional information. The new interactive features facilitate the management of content. The platform has a number of features from customizing courses, encourage collaboration to interacting with fellow learners. The platform provides access to its users over multiples tests and assignments over a particular subject. Being interactive software, the platform abides to adaptive learning. It provides progress charts and scores to the learners so they could map their progress. The UI/UX is responsive to most digital devices so that the learner could access his/her information about the assessment anytime & anywhere.


Assessment Platform Advantages

Smart Scorecards for Learners

Latest Exam Pattern Papers

Technology Driven Assistance

Real-time Test Examination

Responsive to most Digital Devices

Reduced time for reviewers due to intelligent & intuitive paper visualization

Technology-driven assistance to facilitate peer review process

Reduced Editor’s time in assigning papers to appropriate reviewers by semantic matching

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