Digital Publishing & Content Solution Products

DigiScape is the new name of transformation in the field of technology and content solutions. Our main idea is to offer cloud based technical and digital content solutions to every industry meeting their specific needs demands. With the help of our deep understanding and insight of publishing industry, we have created content workflow and management solutions which covers the pre- production phase, complete production phase, as well as post production phase.

Each product is further divided into different modules which can be used individually as well as collectively. Our content platform solutions are designed to reorganize the publishing workflow. From content creation to publishing to delivery our products offer operational efficiency and agility to the publishing firms.

  • Cloud based Platforms
  • Offer complete automation of processes
  • Web based solutions
  • Enhanced efficiency with reduced manual labour
  • Cost Effective solutions
  • Flexible workflow framework design
  • Easy integration with available software
  • Heightened privacy and data security
  • Most Updated Technology
  • Auto upgrading system


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