Node JS development company

Node Js development Company: The most innovative technology to build real-time Applications

DigiScape, being one of the best Node. JS Development companies,help our clients to build real-time and fast network applications. Node JS is a platform on Chrome’s JavaScript run-time, which facilitates the execution of JavaScript code server-side.

Node. Js can be used with varied frameworks which include Mojito, Socket, io and several others. Other than this, it can go along with JSON APIs; Media Query and jQuery. Node.js is often touted as ‘the next big thing’ by technology buffs. It certainly has a lot of potential. Even today, top brands like Dow, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn rely on Node.js web development services to a significant extent.

The founder of Node.js conveys that his goal was to build a system for the easy building of websites with real-time push-ability, and his inspiration was Gmail. Thus, the event-driven paradigm became the central idea for Node.js. It has given developers an opportunity to build a 2-way connection site between client and server, with free exchange of data.

Why DigiScape is the right choice to hire node js developer?

The simplest and most justified reason is that professional developers can help you to boost your overall performance. We have a team of versatile developers having a flair for providing the best Node.js web development services to each and every client. Along with this, you will get all the Node.js based services, at a single place. By offering all the below-mentioned services, we can be a one-stop solution for you:

  • CMS Development
  • Node js application development
  • Node.js API development
  • Node.js for UX/UI support
  • Node.js support and maintenance
  • Plug-ins development
  • Portal development

How Node Js development can benefit you?

Extreme presence:

Inception of Node.js has extended the presence of JavaScript, to a great extent. Now, it is present in the server and in the browser as well. Node.js code runs in a familiar way, and it is highly flexible in usage.

Fast, scalable and real-time applications:

Node.js can actually build real-time applications. It is so efficient that it can build real-time apps at lighting speed. Its event-driven set up adheres to both server-side and client-side equally, and this speeds up and organizes the process of synchronization.

Easy with coding:

It helps the developers to write JavaScript for client and server both and this makes the transportation of data highly convenient. The data changes in the server display instantly on the web page.

High Productivity:

The Node.js programs are built on JavaScript which states that the silos which were present between both the backend developers and the front-end developers are split. This ultimately increases efficiency and effectiveness. The best example of this is PayPal.

A rapid suite:

Node.js functions at such a perfect speed that its users are in awe. The reason behind its efficiency is its V8 engine which is designed and developed by Google. It uses JavaScript into native machine code that works at a great speed.

Goes with data-streaming:

HTTP request and response are considered as two different events in web platforms. However, they are data streams. Node.js gives enough room to utilize this feature and build some great attributes.

Solves database queries:

Database queries such as CouchDB, MongoDB have a framework of JavaScript. The developers no longer require to modulate the syntax differences while uniting the NoSQL databases like the above-listed ones and Node.js.

Dynamic NPM:

Node. Js being an open source technology given the developers an advantage with regards to its dynamic tools and modules. Node Package Manager (NPM) has more than 60000 modules and the number is rising every week. The dependency management is made perfect by using it’s speedy and robust NPM.

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