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Digitalization of Media and Entertainment industry has bought a revolution into the internet world. It won’t be wrong to say, if digital platforms got their vast recognition, in modern times, is only because Media firms tried web’s potential first. Since ages, Entertainment industry rarely left any medium ever, in order to attract audiences and broadcast content amidst them; ultimately Internet too was initially served as a medium for entertainment firms as some other innovative platform to promote their content. Now here we are, with media houses looking digital solutions for infotainment channels, revenue models, digital publishing houses and much more.

DigiScape one of the most highlighted company providing Media & Entertainment Technology Solutions, firstly because of its efficient team which is a pro in this business and secondly because the kind of services we provide to the media industries.

Our Offerings Media and Entertainment Software Development Services

With services like assets and right management, on-demand live streaming, music and video apps solutions, digital publishing services, photography management solutions and much more, we help provide best in class media and entertainment software development services.

Artificially Intelligent Entertainment Apps

Artificially Intelligent Entertainment Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being utilized with its full potential, in almost all industries known so far. Entertainment Industry is not lacking behind either. Well equipped with AI resources, DigiScape helps its media clients with AI based software apps, which are widely accepted by end-users on a global scale.

  • Building Entertainment apps, with Facial and Pattern Recognition apps for clients.
  • Provide AI Software Development for Media & Entertainment as per the client needs.
  • Built AI entertainment games that use strong Machine learning algorithms in the backend.
  • Help media clients with re-tailoring of existing applications to resolve performance issues.
Digital Publishing and Rights Management

Digital Publishing and Rights Management

Creation is the one of the most valued aspects in media industry. Nobody likes the work getting infringed or re-distributed without getting acknowledged. DigiScape provides asset management software which can help creator have an upper hand, by getting his work getting rights protected.

  • An overall media and entertainment Rights management service provider
  • Provides protection from infringement of copyrights and addresses re-distribution issues.
  • Built security apps to encrypt your content to prevent from duplicity, for both publishing and on-demand media contents.
Photography Apps Development

Photography Apps Development

Photography Apps Development are the trendiest most in the market. DigiSCape provides a complete Photo apps development ranging from photo editing software services to photography management solutions.

  • Building photography apps for audiences
  • Creating Platform independent photo applications that run on all Android/ iOS/ web mediums
  • Helping Photo Editing app development solutions for global audiences
Media and Entertainment Asset Management

Media and Entertainment Asset Management

When DigiScape talks about, being a complete media and entertainment software solutions provider, it also includes its services for Digital Asset management for Entertainment industry.

  • Provide storage solutions for an overall Software Development for Media & Entertainment.
  • With customizable cataloging and indexing tools, we provide personalized asset management services to our clients.
  • Setting Authorization controls on assets (in order to protect unwanted access) to all small and large media firms.
On-Demand Streaming, Music and Video Apps

On-Demand Streaming, Music and Video Apps

Digital content has taken a drastic U-turn with media houses turning their interest towards creating content that is either live streamed or is in a video or sound format. With features of live streaming, video applications and music apps, DigiScape is helping content producers with film production software solutions.

  • Providing Media and Entertainment web solutions which can integrate Music, Videos and Live Streaming on single interface
  • Focused on UI/UX, ensuring linearity and uniqueness in text, headings and content in order to attract vast audiences globally
  • Building Reservations and Booking apps for media clients with the help of artificially intelligent algorithmic pattern in backend.

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