DigiScape- A successful Healthcare software development company in India

We are moving forward from the era of health problems to the era of advanced health solutions. The amalgamation of technology with healthcare has made the dream of a healthy world. Be it healthcare mobile app development or software solutions for healthcare, most of the patients have been benefited with the convenience of everything in their palms.

DigiScapeis one of the successful healthcare software development companies. Our team of professionals understands technology like their back of hand and always stay updated about the latest amendments. We as a team understands the problems faced by different domains of society. The combination of our understanding problems and technology helps us to develop best healthcare software solutions.

All our solutions are end customer-centric. While following our client’s needs and demands we also consider the patients’ requirements to develop the most effective solutions. We offer solutions to every section of healthcare domain including public, private as well as governmental healthcare institutions, research organizations, small as well as high scale hospitals, physicians, etc.

Our Offerings – A wide range of software solutions for Healthcare

If you are looking for healthcare software development in India, then DigiScape has a long list of software solutions which are innovative and efficient. The solutions will be helpful in each and every facet of healthcare domain, from simple healthcare facilities to urgent advanced solutions. And if your business demands then we also have custom healthcare software development services.

Electronic Healthcare Solutions

It is not necessary that every software solution is for front desk purposes only. Some of the software solutions are required for backend working too. Being a medical software development company we understand this need and offers healthcare solutions for backend purposes like Electronic health record management, recording patient details and vitals, etc.

  • Health record management electronically
  • Patient records- Both health and personal
  • Analysing health records
  • Optimizing operational activities

Health & Fitness Applications

Keeping track of fitness is getting importance day by day. Making use of technology to keep this track is the most hassle- free solution. We are considered as the top healthcare app development company because of our through knowledge in health care field and a extensive experience in software development domain. These applications keep track of the smallest details

  • Track fitness activities (Exercise routines, Diet plans, etc.)
  • Helps in managing weight.
  • Keep a track on diseases like diabetes, obesity, BP and heart diseases.
  • Compatible with both wearable as well as non- wearable technology.

Hospital Management Solutions

For the smooth working of hospitals these days, hospitals adopt the best healthcare technology software development services. As they not only add efficiency in their systems but also ease- of the management process. It helps in scheduling patients as well as internal resources along with various other operational activities.

  • MIS reporting
  • Customized reporting system
  • Financial tracking
  • Scheduling services (internal and external)
  • Paperwork removal and management

On-Demand Healthcare

With the help of our healthcare software development services, we can develop software which will patients for an on- demand healthcare solutions. From late night expert advise to doorstep delivery to online pharmacy, we have solutions for all the features you are looking for in a software or an application.

  • On- demand healthcare solutions
  • Doctors availability on demand
  • Pick your own physician
  • Virtual or online Pharmacy
  • Online appointment booking

Patient portals

DigiScape offers an interactive user interface based portal along with multiple engagement tools for the patients. The portal allows patients to connect with the concerned healthcare officials at any time of the day for the guidance as well as short term advices. It also allows them to keep a track on your health records.

  • User friendly interface
  • 24X7 Connect
  • Treatment plans within reach
  • Track and analyse health records
  • E- Consultation and Guidance

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