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Collaborating Education with Technology - Get Better Education Software Development Services

Digiscape possesses a heavy experience in the development areas of Education software solutions and therefore understands and is able to mitigate the issues arising in learning and educational management digital ends.

Benefits of Education Technology Software Development

Education sector is one of the fastest sector which is adapting major technology advancement like no other firms so far. The successful implantation of education sector such as E-Classrooms, online learning, Educational Chatbots, virtual online examinations and learning management software, are all derived from the high potential of technological progress which the former industry has adopted so far.

Why Digiscape?

With our experts having core knowledge of learning industries, we provide services which include E-learning Services, AI and Chatbots Solutions, Custom ERP services for workforce management and On-demand ERP Services

  • Software Code Optimization
  • Customer-centric innovative solutions
  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Systematic Project Reporting

Our Offerings – Educational & E-Learning Software Development Solutions

With our experts having core knowledge of learning industries, we are able to provide services which include E-learning Services, AI and Chatbots Solutions, Custom ERP services for workforce management and On-demand ERP Services.

E-learning Services

We provide software and management e-learning solutions with bug free backend and easy-to-adapt frontend, which helps educational institutions, corporate, individual facilitators, management and students, to extract maximum output without any hassle.

  • Customer Relationship Management Software and Apps for Education firms, HR, Student management and Information System etc.
  • Database Management and Software related to upgradation of marks, syllabus, enrollments or results
  • Building Brand Management Apps and Software related to Educational sectors
  • Creating Native apps to achieve Platform interoperability and independency in access from laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets.
  • Integrating Multimedia, social platforms, graphical annotations, Video and Voice conferencing features into the apps gives Education and E-learning Management software services an upper-hand.
E-learning Services
AI Based Education Applications

AI Based Education Applications

Digiscape is equipped with an efficient team that provides end-to-end Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Education Application solutions. Right from creating an AI teaching apps to feeding and displaying learned results, we provide top-quality services in all.

Making sure to develop error free softwares, we utilize AI algorithm that helps Education industries achieve their automation solutions.

  • AI related frameworks, form, feedback and query interfaces.
  • Build Choice based, Artificial Intelligent blogs to provide students learning authority
  • Help Develop AI education application development relevant, personalized and Intelligent interfaces which reduces their time in user engagements.
  • Providing complete solutions, in AI Software systems to Educational institutions right away from fresh to already existing systems.

On-demand Learning Solutions

Our developers have been witnessing the change in existing Educational digital content with an increase in On-demand apps that can make content both interesting and mind captivating. Therefore, Digiscape already has On-demand software solutions for education industry.

  • Building Educational Gaming Apps, which is indeed although not newer concept, but we are on to it like almost ever.
  • Video and Live streaming application development, education and learning being the sole forte.
  • Developing Voice, Musical and Graphical Teaching apps for both businesses and facilitators.
On-demand Learning Solutions

Custom ERP Services

Learning and Educational Sector, like any other sectors needs CRM and ERP support management service in order to maintain huge data sets at their end. We provide major IT solutions for education industry, providing variety of ERP management software solutions that helps them remain sorted in many ways.

  • We provide Learning Management Solutions (LMS) to every Educational institution in order to record, track, update, document and administer learning programs.
  • We create Library applications that help Education sectors with huge Data Management and records retention.
  • Building Payment and invoicing apps for institutions for a transparent modeling of financial movements.

Machine Learning Chatbots Solutions

Chatbots form the recent trend among educational app development companies and thus we provide unmatchable services in this domain with our Machine Learning algorithm that make Chatbots smarter and with time are able to perform with negligible human interference.

  • Built Chatbots with education application development background
  • Capable IT solutions for education industry, in terms of Machine Learning
  • Provide AI, NLP and ML Software Development, education Chatbots maintained and administration.
Machine Learning Chatbots Solutions

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