Artificial Intelligence: Should it be Implemented in the Publishing Industry?

Artificial Intelligence has remained in existence for more than 50 years, but only recently it has seen tremendous growth because of the development of technology. Artificial intelligence is converting a normal machine into an intelligent machine by feeding various parameters into it. AI is not a single technology, but a mix of various fields like machine language, natural language processing, and cognitive technology.

Recently, many companies have successfully introduced virtual assistants to help you in your day to day activities, by using your browsing and purchase history. As technology improves, AI will be used extensively in various fields and the relevant companies must be ready to use it to their advantage.

Advantages of using AI in publishing Industry

• Improve efficiency by using predictive maintenance:

In an industry where machines are running round the clock, predictive maintenance should be efficiently used. Most of the machines in the print industry have been fitted with sensors to monitor the data and analyse it. At present, the data collected is massive, and it is not possible to analyse it with the present technology, and thus, by combining the modern algorithm with machine language, the machine efficiency can be considerably increased. Print manufactures should use modern technology and improve their machines and convert them into more intelligent machines. Many machines have already become automatic and now, the time has come to convert them into intelligent machines.

• Data Security:

In the future, AI technology will be used to hack the devices and compromise them. With the improvement of AI, security should also increase at the same level. Data will be stolen, with AI behaving like human hackers and escaping from detection. A security breach has a far-reaching effect on any company, and thus, companies should not hesitate to use modern technology to prevent data theft.

• Converting from Paper to Digital mode:

Many companies are yet to convert their total work from paper to digital mode. Yet, a few companies are using paper and are in the process of changing into digital mode. Banking and Insurance sector are using some intelligent software to run their activities. RPA, when combined with AI will become very powerful and will have a great effect in running the daily affairs of a company, like humans. Converting paper-based work to digital using automation is a great occasion for the print industry which should use AI to act as a link between the digital and paper world.

Warning for Print Industry/ Publishing Industry

The print industry should understand that automation cannot be avoided anymore. It has become a necessity, and if any organization tries to prevent automation, it will be ‘obsolete’. The benefits of automation are immense, and many companies have understood the potential of automation and started investing in the process.

As per reports are concerned, the Artificial Intelligence industry is improving day by day by a significant extent. Researchers and data scientists have stated that by the year 2025, the artificial industry would be making about sixty dollars per year if it maintains its growth just the way it is now. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, etc. are all depending on AI more than the manpower which shows its importance.

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